The Vaccine Mandate is here. VitalCheck can help.

Companies with at least 100 employees must ensure their workers get a COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly testing. The mandate ncreases protections for 84M private sector workers.
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Service 1
Our technology provides an easy platform for employees to upload proof of vaccination and weekly COVID test results via text, email or app. Our HIPAA-compliant system generates comprehensive OSHA-mandated reports in a matter of seconds.
Service 2
Supply our customers with FDA-approved Rapid and PCR COVID tests In bulk.
Service 3
Administers onsite covid vaccine clinics and onsite testing clinics. Supports at-home COVID testing for employees, contractors, vendors and visitors.
Service 4
Integrate with your security badging system to ensure only compliant individuals can access the workplace.
Service 5
Provide support for medical and religious exemptions.
Service 6
VitalCheck takes responsibility for platform data audits and protects your company from liability.

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Vaccine Mandate Details

In early September, President Biden announced he was taking steps to get more Americans vaccinated and turn the tide on COVID-19.
On Thursday, the administration rolled out two of those steps — two different vaccine rules covering more than 100 million workers. View the OSHA federal mandate here. Here are the details:

Fully Vaccinated By Jan 4

Companies with 100 or more employees must ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated by Jan 4 or test negative at least once a week, as issued by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Paid Time Off for Vaccine

Companies must pay for the time off needed by employees to get the vaccine and provide sick leave for workers who need to recover from vaccine side effects

Employers Don’t Need to Pay for Testing

Employers are not required to pay for testing to workers who decline the vaccine.

Unvaccinated Workers Need to Wear Masks

Starting Dec 5, unvaccinated employees need to wear masks while on the job.

Healthcare and Federal Workers Have No Testing Option

The government has ordered all healthcare workers to be vaccinated with no weekly testing option and it covers all employees, clinical and nonclinical. Federal workers and contractors are also required to get the vaccine.

Mandate Details